Service Providers

BPL (Broadband Over Powerline) “Plug In” Connectivity- Reaching New Spaces
wi4 BPL solutions deliver broadband connectivity by combining innovative wireless technology with widespread access through the electric grid. This is a simple, cost-effective extension to existing networks, is scalable and easy to deploy.

PDF:  Motorola Powerline MU Brochure (1.36 MB)
         Motorola Powerline MU Case Study (153 KB)

Motorola Canopy™

Motorola Canopy is a cost-effective field proven wireless broadband system that has a high level of interference tolerance, scalability, signal reliability and is built on a concept offering ease of installation. Utilizing the unlicensed spectrum of 900MHz, 2.4GHz, and 5GHz Motorola Canopy can be deployed rapidly and gives you a flexibility to work around other competing systems.

PDF:  Motorola CanopyTM

MOTOwi4 For Service Providers
Creating markets, growing coverage, and reaching virtually any customer in virtually any environment.
Whether it’s a wireline company in need of bigger broadband pipes, a cellular company that needs to reach a new customer segment, or an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that wants the security of owning its own connection- the MOTOwi4 portfolio has a flexible solution that helps meet the need. Even more importantly, MOTOwi4 helps prevent an operator from ever having to tell a customer, “I’m sorry, we don’t cover your area.” It extends the service provider’s relationship with the end-user, reinforces brand loyalty, and builds new revenue opportunities by supporting enhanced services and applications.

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