ERS has over 60 years experience meeting the mission-critical demands of public safety, public service, government and enterprise customers. We can help your city or town design a city-wide network that will increase efficiency, improve service and accuracy, while reducing overall costs. We offer a variety of mesh networking products that are based on the industry-standard 802.11 protocol. We can help your city offer Wi-Fi for public access and provide government agencies with wireless access to increase everyday productivity while offering capabilities such as meter reading. 

Public Works & Public Safety
Improve productivity, extending the desktop into the field.

For Public Works and Public Safety, ERS Data Solutions Group can help you deploy a city-wide data network. It’s about workforce efficiency- being able to get information from the field and being able to push data out to the field in a timely manner with fewer trips back and forth… therefore, reducing costs. 
About MotoMESH
Asset Management
Public Access
Providing the opportunity for your community to be internet connected.

Cities need to attract and retain new businesses. Cities need to attract and retain world-class knowledge workers. Cities need to eliminate the digital divide to educate and help elevate their citizens and workforce. With the MOTOwi4 portfolio, ERS Data Solutions Group can help you “light up” your entire city with wireless broadband and turn high-speed internet access into a publicly available utility.

MotoMesh Solutions for Public Safety, Public Works, and Public Access (822 KB)

Solutions for Public Access, Public Safety, and Public Works.

Providing fixed and mobile IP-based wireless networks for area-wide coverage using Wi-Fi and Public Safety frequency bands (2.4GHz and 4.9GHz). wi4 MESH blankets an entire city with wireless broadband coverage through it’s 802.11 radios and it’s private mobile broadband MEA® radios- whether it’s in parks, on the streets, in businesses or in residences. Unlike many other MESH solutions, the Motorola wi4 MESH solution is self-healing, which means if a unit is not operational the systems re-locates to the next operational unit.   

MotoMesh Duo (959 KB)
Taking the Guesswork out of Network Design

Motorola AP7181 802.11n 

IP Video Surveillance
Solutions for Public Safety.
Police Departments nationwide are looking for ways to track down on crime. A very effective solution is wireless IP Video Surveillance. By providing security, ensuring public safety, preventing theft and collecting evidence, wireless video surveillance technology quickly proves to save time and money while lowering crime rates. A typical wireless IP video surveillance system contains the following components: digital cameras, mesh network nodes, gateway nodes, backhaul units, servers, and monitoring stations (equipped with appropriate surveillance software).

Selecting a camera is critical to the success of a video surveillance system. ERS recommends a Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera. It can cover a larger area with a 360- degree sweep. This can enable the camera to so the work of several fixed cameras, which in turn saves you money.

Benefits of using wireless for video surveillance: Wireless not only eliminates the hundreds of wires running above ceiling tiles, under the floor, along walls and across the ground, but it also makes for easier installation. Removing the wires allows more possibilities for camera placement. Costs are dramatically reduced by eliminating cabling or trenching expenses. AES Encryption provides secure data transfer. Self-healing mesh nodes know how to re-route should a node be down, ensuring optimal performance of system.